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Small wood clock for desk or bedside
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Minimalist clock made of wood
Small modern wood clock 
Quiet wooden modern clock
Small wooden clock for desk, shelf or bedside
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Modern quiet wood clock

Silent Wooden Desk Clock

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A Beautifully Analog Clock

Crafted with utility and simplicity in mind, this little clock is designed to bring a silent and distraction-free timekeeping experience for your desk, bedside or shelf. It can also be hung on the wall. 

  • Silent quartz mechanism
  • Smooth & solid wood construction
  • Comes with a stand & wall hanging built-in
  • Takes 1 AA battery - not included - will last approx. 12-24 months
  • Timeless & characterful design

Minimalist modern wood clock

A Clock With No Distractions

This clock has no screen, no alarm, and no seconds hand.

The goal is to create a distraction-free clock.

The power-efficient quartz mechanism of our new 'squircle'-shaped clock is completely silent, fostering a peaceful environment without the distraction of ticking sounds.

Why no seconds hand?

The lack of a seconds hand prevents constant reminders of time passing which can be an unwelcome distraction when you are trying to focus, relax, or sleep. 

We think it's important to have an analog item in a digital age - sometimes you just want to know the time and then get back to focussing on what truly matters. 

Thin analogue clock made of wood

The Perfect-Sized Clock Doesn't Exist...

  • Or does it? We think the slim and compact size of our silent wooden desk clock is the perfect sweetspot for being able to clearly see the time from anywhere in the room, and not take up precious space on your desk, bedside, or shelf. 

Built-in Stand & Hanging-Strip

  • Whether you want to hang your clock on the wall or stand it on a flat surface, your clock has both functionalities built right in, in a no-frills and simple, functional way.

High Quality Natural Materials

  • The main body of this clock is made of rubber wood - which, if you have never seen or touched before, might first look like a synthetic material trying to look like wood...
  • But, rubber wood actually gets its name from the incredibly smooth - and almost 'bouncy' feeling of the wood, which feels like it's covered in a thin layer of rubber.
  • This contrasts nicely with the black walnut wood clockface, and elevates the entire appearance of your clock to give it a classy and timeless presence. 

Silent Wooden 2-Handed Clock

Timeless Design with Character

  • With a sleek design in a pleasing 'squircle' shape, the minimal notches for each hour, and the two-tone wood combination means this clock will always look great, no matter the surroundings or decor.

You will quickly become very fond of seeing your silent, reliable companion that tells you the time. 

Size Dimensions: 

  • Centimeters: 13.5 x 13.5 x 2.5 cm
  • Inches: 5.3 x 5.3 x 1 Inch

Small Wooden Silent Desk Clock

Simplify your timekeeping.

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