Peter Pichler's Treehouse Hotel Rooms

Peter Pichler geometric treehouse hotel rooms

Fancy slowing down in a mountainous forest getaway?

Milan-based architect Peter Pichler might just have the answer with these beautiful treehouse hotel rooms, planned to be located in the Italian Dolomite mountains.

An alternative to conventional tourism destinations, they're designed to give you a breather from the hustle-bustle of modern life and to immerse yourself in the wild...albeit in top-class sustainable comfort.

Peter Pichler geometric treehouse hotel in Italy

According to the studio, the project is "conceived from a 'slow down' form of tourism, where nature and the integration of architecture within [nature] plays the primary role." They believe that this is where the future of tourism lies; in natural and unplugged immersive experiences with a retreat-like aspect.

Geometric Modern  Cabin Architecture in the forest

Of course, it's not just about tourism trends, more and more architects are thinking along the lines of merging buildings with nature and vice-versa. This number is ever increasing as the list of benefits that nature has on human health and wellbeing gets longer every day as more are discovered.

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The buildings themselves are standalone units, each one is available to rent privately for your stay. Steep pointed roofs mimic the surrounding mountainside that is densely covered in larch and fir trees and a black stain on the timber exterior also adds to the blending of the buildings.

Peter Pichler diamond treehouse hotel interior

With geothermal heat pumps and load-bearing floor-to-ceiling glass on both levels, the large diamond-shaped structures really immerse guests in a natural hideaway.

Inside, the fir woodwork is left untreated, giving a warm and cosy contrast to the dark, sharp exterior. From both levels, all of that glass gives you stunning views of the mountainous forest beyond.

panoramic view of forest from luxurious treehouse bedroom

The minimally-decorated space is ideal for recharging, with a lounge/reading space on the bottom floor - upstairs lies a luxurious bed that will give you a full panorama of nature the moment you wake up.

Not to forget to mention that they are built almost entirely from locally sourced larch and fir, each one will also be fitted out with its own tank for collecting rainwater.

Modern wood and glass luxurious Tree house cabins

Whether you're a fan of them or not so sure, they are definitely something to watch out for; the same goes for those architects in Milan at Peter Pichler's studio.

Here's what they have to say:

"We believe that the future of tourism is based on the relationship of the human being with nature. Well-integrated, sustainable architecture can amplify this relationship, nothing else is needed".


A bold statement and perhaps a wise one.
Do you agree with it?
Say what's on your mind in the comments below.


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  • spiros

    Hello from Greece!
    What is the estimated cost for a single cabin ?

  • Maria Koveou

    I like Tou make the same haus in Rhodos to make showroom
    Thank you

  • ahmed elagami

    we own a sew view land in Gorgia (3000 SQM) and planning to be a small resort and include the following
    - Main building include ground floor will be a reception and first floor will be guest rooms and the roof will be a restaurant coverless)
    - 9 chalet ground floor will be dining and mini kitchen and bathroom and fist a bedroom with bathroom attached)
    - a small building to be as stuff accommodation)
    Attached is a sketch will give you an idea of what we are thinking about
    We need from your side a recommended design and the commercial proposal ASAP
    Ahmed Elajami

  • Kelly From Wondrwood

    Hi Matthew! These are unfortunately not built yet, as of now they are still concept designs. BUT, when they are available, it will definitely be announced on the architect’s website in the news section… they also have some other awesome projects!

    See their news section here:

  • MAtthew Drew

    Hi how much are theses to stay in please?

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