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The Unlikely Story of Walnut & Copper Design Studio

More than ever, people are reconsidering their career paths, often switching between different jobs in search of something that's motivating and meaningful to them.  The explosion of possibilities that came with the internet includes a much lower barrier to entry for anyone who wants to earn a living on their own terms. This is the unlikely story of Walnut & Copper, an independent design studio based in the Netherlands, and comprising a team of one...

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Feature: Jack + Link Toys

Nowadays kids and parents alike can be bombarded with screens and low-quality toys, which is sometimes frustrating when choosing a gift or educational tool for a child. So it’s truly refreshing to see others who are offering alternatives that are designed and made the right way, all-round.  Enter Jack + Link, a small wooden toy store based in Pennsylvania, USA; the brain-child of veteran husband and wife duo Patrick and Nancy...

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