About Us

Our Belief: 

Wondrwood was founded on the very idea of bringing a little more nature into your life.

As humans, we all need nature a lot more than we often tend to remember... It can have an amazing affect on our everyday life.

Even something as simple as just taking a short walk through a forest, or along a beach can make you feel totally replenished.

With a few natural additions, you'll undoubtedly notice the positive difference in your home - and therefore in yourself - that only a natural touch can bring.

We are located in the South of Ireland and we work very closely with suppliers and craftspeople from all around the globe. 


Our Products: 

Our Products are made using only the finest materials, most of which are 100% natural. 

Most of our items are wooden, made from a variety of different woods. Some of these include: walnut, fig, acacia, ash, and; bamboo - but technically, that's a species of grass.

We are true believers in the quality of something speaking for itself, and so we ensure that all of our items are crafted to the absolute highest of standards.

Our product line is a curation of unique and quality products that we hand-select from several sources and skilled craftspeople. We ship directly from our suppliers to your address ensuring that you get unique, top quality additions for your home for great value.

Much of our wooden tableware comes from craftsmen in different regions of Asia. These include Thailand, China and Indonesia. Some of our other wooden items are made in Central and Western Europe. Our collection of glass jars and bottles are handmade by skilled glassblowers in Asia, mainly in the northern region of China and Indonesia. 

As the majority of our products are made of natural materials, each individual is totally unique, and therefore the colouration and patterns will differ slightly from item to item. For care guidelines, each product has its own suggestions listed on the product pages.


Our Guarantee: 

Happy Customers, Happy Homes. 

Making a house a home is a big part of what we're about.To have a happy home, you must have happy people! We make sure to always put your needs as our customer first by providing you with top quality service and support. 

At present, given the global climate relating to COVID-19, our average shipping time is between 6-16 days. We are doing our utmost to ensure that all orders arrive on time.

From all of us at Wondrwood, thank you for patience and understanding during these times as we continue to bring nature into your home! 

  Free replacements if any products are damaged in-transit.
 Free replacements or refund if any items do not arrive within the time-frames outlined in our refunds policy.
 Free worldwide shipping on all orders over $99 (or the equivalent amount in your currency). 


Have Any Questions?

Get in touch using our Contact page or email: info@wondrwood.com


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