Acacia - The Wonder Wood

Hand Crafted Acacia Wood Round Serving/Dinner Plates

Innately Smooth

Even without sanding, polishing or finishing of any kind, acacia has a naturally smooth surface.

With a little love and attention from the right craftspeople, this beautiful wood can be polished to feel smooth as silk.

This makes it an ideal material for tableware such as plates and bowls. It forms perfect clean curves and a glossy surface that won't trap any food crumbs or germs.

Acacia Wood Plates - Square and Rectangle

Antibacterial Qualities

Speaking of germs - the incredibly smooth texture of acacia is largely because of the high volume of naturally occurring antibacterial oils in the wood.

Yep, you read that right! Acacia oil's properties make it fungal and bacteria resistant, giving it another great purpose for your table top.

It has even been used for centuries for food preservation and medical purposes.


Acacia Wood Salad Spoon and Fork Serving Set

 It's All Down To The Natural Oils In Acacia:

 Acacia Wood Facts, Why It Makes Such Great Kitchenware - Wondrwood Home Decor
Incredible Durability

It's one of the longest lasting woods - with or without any treatment.

With a strong, flexible and dense form; acacia is well known for having the highest scratch and water resistance grade of all wood. This means it won't be damaged by metal utensils or warp/stain when exposed to water.

Being comparable to that of exotic rain forest hardwoods, you would think that acacia must take a very long time to grow, and therefore not be a very ethical or Eco-friendly choice...

This couldn't be further from the truth - which leads us to our next point!

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Highly Sustainable

Acacia grows extremely quickly, and particularly in the early stages of growth - which is crucial.
This means that once it is harvested, it can be replanted and reach full size once again, all in a very short period of time.

Acacia does this much faster, even faster than other species of trees which are known for their speedy growth (such as willow, for example).

This very rapid growth, a comparatively low level of water needed to thrive - and an ability to grow in almost any climate (from the Australian Outback to a Northern European Tundra) make acacia one of the most sustainable choices in wood.

There you have it! Now you know just a few more reasons why acacia is so Wonderful! 
Hand Crafted Solid Acacia Wood Salad Bowls

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  • Sherry

    My dad used to use acacia for building the most beautiful garden furniture! I remember the lovely color and smell of the wood 😊

  • Ray mills

    Outstanding article! I will use acacia in my next project. Thank you for all the information.

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