How To Prepare Your Home Interior For Autumn

As we start to feel the cool breeze and crisp air...
Just as we update our wardrobes from season to season, it's important to also make some transitions in your home interior. Ramp up the cozy vibes and create a space that makes you feel comfortable, safe and able to unwind.
In this quick guide, we'll explore a few easy ways that you can transition and prepare your home for the fall season.


1: Autumn Wreath

Seasonal decor should always begin at your front door. Now, some of you may say wreaths are just for the holiday season (and that's ok) - but for those who love the warm welcome of natural autumn decorations, it's arguably never too early to hang a wreath. 

For anyone who is more arts and crafts-inclined, a thrifty wreath can be easily made from the materials in your surroundings such as local leaves, branches and petals, grasses, wheat and of course, pine cones.

Right from the moment you approach your front door, the natural hue of an autumn wreath will be the first impression that your home gives, and a great one to remind you of this great season. 
2: Add Warm Lights & Fall Scents

Lighting is one of the most important elements in any space, warmer lights emanate a snug fall-feel and help to create a comfortable, safe indoor atmosphere.

Using smaller lights or candles are a great and quick way to set the right mood as it creates a perfect inviting environment and usually smells amazing.

There are many fall scented soy candles that will give your home the enthralling scent of the season. You can also put some candles in glass jars and place them on a tray to create a fall centrepiece.


3: Prepare Your Hibernation (Bed) Room
One of the easiest ways to transition your home from summer to fall is to add cozy textiles to your bedrooms. 
Just adding some decorative pillow covers, curtains, textured throws (alpaca fur or faux fur) or switching to more seasonal bedding can make a world of difference.

Swap out your white summer linens and light textiles with darker, textured materials - velvet is a great option or microfiber. This is a simple way to add warmth to your room without really having to make too many changes to your furniture.

4: Colours

Use colours that are reflective of this time of year, taking inspiration from the changing leaves. Reds, yellows and beiges give off great autumnal moods and can be complemented with accents of sage-green, navy-blue or white.

5: Tablescapes, Dining Linens & Platters

Changing your dining experience is another key way to get into the fall mood. Switch your kitchen or dining room from summer to fall by setting your table with warmer colours and wooden serving-ware.

You can also scatter some handmade leaf cut-outs (made from craft paper or a material of your choice), or you can even use real leaves - just make sure that you trust their source is clean and safe! 

Wooden plates, candles, fresh fruits and pine cones certainly increase the fall overtones in your dining room - and makes for a very attractive spread.

Rustic seasonal touches from nature will add a lot of character to your home, try adding painted pumpkins or squash, as well as pampas grass and woven materials such as rattan, willow and bamboo. 

6: Preparing Your Livingroom

Rearrange your furniture to centre around an element in your living room, this will most commonly be a fireplace or stove, but you can also focus more on a coffee table or rug if you prefer.

Again, adding some cozy blankets, throws and cushions will never go amiss.

The most important thing to follow when you're changing your home from summer and adding fall decor is to make it a space that matches your tastes and makes you feel comfortable, safe and able to unwind.

When you look around your home this fall, picture yourself curled up with a blanket and a book on an autumn Sunday enjoying a hot drink...Think what kind of scents, lighting, materials, colours and textures would you want your surroundings to have?

Then, just work backwards from your vision, room-by-room, adding elements as you go! 

It's all about the magic of the beautiful changing colours of the leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and spending cozy evenings indoors surrounded by mountains of pillows, throws and blankets... 

It's finally time to welcome fall back into our lives with our arms wide open. After a questionable year so far (to say the least), we all deserve to soak up the self-care season that is autumn! 

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