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Jack + Link present a breath of fresh air with their educational, handmade, natural toys.

Nowadays kids and parents alike can be bombarded with screens and low-quality toys, which is sometimes frustrating when choosing the right gift or educational tool for children.

So it’s truly refreshing to see others who are offering alternatives that are designed and made the right way, all-round. 

Enter Jack + Link, a small wooden toy store based in Pennsylvania, USA; the brain-child of veteran husband and wife duo Patrick and Nancy.

The everlasting inspiration behind their company is their two sons Jackson and Lincoln. Together, they strongly believe that wooden toys should be pure, honest and natural; something that we love!

Straight From The Source

Aside from the fact that all of their toys and kids-room pieces are handcrafted from natural materials, they also use carefully selected high-quality American and exotic hardwoods that are sourced from local mills and small U.S. based wood suppliers. 

Determined To Make A Difference

For every purchase, Jack + Link also donate a portion of the proceeds to No Kid Hungry, a charity helping children in need by providing them with much-needed wholesome, regular meals.

Now that you know a little more of who Jack + Link are, and what they’re all about, it’s time to take a closer look at some our favourites from their collection!    

On Their Website, You Can Find 4 Categories:


1 - Educational Toys

2 - Essentials
3 - Math Counters

4 - Loose Parts Trays
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Engaging In Reality

All of their toys are educational and fun, they intend on providing children with real-world engagement. This encourages kids to expand their creativity and indulge their imagination, without any of the downsides that educational (or not so educational) apps or videos can have. 

Here’s just a couple our favourites from their lineup, I was sure to pick some from each of their categories to give you a good range of their amazing wooden pieces. 


 Rainbow And Cloud Activity Board
This presents so much room for creativity and organisation, two things that come very naturally to children - ok, organisation can take time to acquire for some, but all humans love to categorise things, old or young. 

Wooden Crayon Holder

Simple and slimline, this maple wood crayon holder is intended to create as much space as possible on the table for activities!

Number Counting Board

Think back to learning your numbers, it was trickier than we all give ourselves credit for... visual learning with physical objects is the fastest way to master the mathimatical world!

Loose Parts Play Tray

Keeping your small bits around the home organized and looking good? Why didn't we think of that

Wooden Puppy Loose Parts Tray

This little guy is just adorable, both you and your little ones will have endless fun mixing-up the look of this puppy tray with different colours and textures. 

Wooden Acorn Math Counters

These beautifully crafted math counters really are an overall sensory-pleaser, tell me you didn't want to pick them up and see what they feel like as soon as you saw them..!

What's also worth mentioning, is that Jack + Link exclusively use kiln-dried wood, a process in which it is dried under controlled, high temperature conditions. This ensures that all of the wood is sanitised and 100% safe for your little ones’ hands, and inevitably - mouths! 

To seal their carefully handmade items, they use their own custom blend of natural beeswax and olive oil.

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