Fig Tree Tea Cup Set
Fig Tree Tea Cup Set
Fig Tree Tea Cup Set

Fig Tree Tea Cup Set

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An Experience Of Comfort And Indulgence

Us humans are enthralled by the rituals that exist in everyday life, it's not what you are doing - but how and why you are doing it that really matters.  

Just think back to when you were a child, playing with a tea set... taking great care and joy in pouring, stirring, and drinking little pots and cups of air.

Ever thought of why we enjoyed this so much? It's all down to human nature...

Simply put: it's not what you drink, it's how and why you drink it.

You'll awaken and satisfy that inner childlike joy each time you use this Fig Tree Tea Set.

Why leave all that pleasure for the kids to enjoy? You know you deserve some too!


  • 100% Natural and Sustainably Sourced Fig Wood and Oils
  • Enhances The Flavour of All Hot Beverages, Giving a Richer and Fuller Bodied Taste Experience.
  • Insulates the Drink and Prevents Burns On Your Hands.
  • Timeless, Beautiful and Classic Design. 
  • Sustainable Alternative to Plastic, Porcelain or Metal Tea Sets. 
  • Unique Patterns and Tones In Every Individual Set. 
  • Easy to Care For (dishwasher safe)



- 1 x Fig Wood Cup

- 1 x Fig Wood Teaspoon

- 1 x Fig Wood Saucer


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 Food & Drink Safety Certified  

 Dishwasher Safe 

 Natural Oil Finish

 Available in Sets



  • These sets are dishwasher and microwave safe, for longevity we recommend hand washing and drying where possible.
  • For best results, rub periodically with any natural oil of your choice.
  • We recommend rinsing before first use.