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Acacia Wood Salt & Pepper Grinders

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 The Dinnertime Duo

As anyone with a passion for great food will know, presentation is just as important as the food itself.

This set of salt and pepper grinders are made of only the finest materials inside and out, giving you fresh seasoning, meal after meal for years to come.

Did you know: Salt and pepper grinders are superior for seasoning to traditional shakers, here's why: the salt crystals and peppercorns are only ground-up at the exact moment you need them to be.

This means your seasoning is kept fresh and full of flavour right up until you are ready to season your dish.

acacia wood dining salt and pepper grinders
Make & Materials

The smooth ceramic and stainless steel inner-workings of these grinders slice through peppercorns and salt crystals with ease - so that even the most delicate of hands can access the flavours they desire!

Of course, the acacia wood body is visually striking, no doubt, but there is a secret to acacia beyond its appearances that make it ideal for all things kitchen

Aside from its beauty, acacia is also one of the most resilient and resistant of woods - with or without any treatment or finishes.

The natural water-resistance and durability of acacia wood mean these grinders / mills will safeguard your salt and pepper from moisture.

They are also sealed with natural linseed oil to add a further layer of protection and to really bring out those gorgeous wood tones.

With a strong, flexible and dense structure; acacia is well known for having the highest scratch and water resistance grade of all wood.

fine and coarse grain wooden grinders
Two Grinding Modes:
Twist clockwise for finer grain, twist anticlockwise for coarser grain. Enjoy your food just as crunchy or as smooth as you like.

Your new Acacia Wood Grinders are available as a pair or individually. They make an ideal gift for your home or for someone else’s, for anyone who appreciates good food and great presentation!

Beautiful, Functional, Durable.
  • Moisture & Water-Resistant
  • Natural Acacia Wood, Finished with Linseed Oil
  • Ceramic & Stainless Steel Mechanism
  • Non-Corrosive Materials
  • Dual Grinding Mode (Coarse or Fine)
  • Long-Lasting Colour Retention


luxury wooden table accessories - wooden salt and pepper mills


 Non-Corrosive Materials

 Ceramic & Stainless Steel Mechanism

 Natural Oil Finish


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Height: 21.5cm / 8.4 Inch
Diameter: 5.5 cm / 2.2 Inch

  • To fill your grinders, simply unscrew the metal top and remove the wood cover. Then, fill with your favourite salt or pepper
  • Wash/clean by hand using a damp cloth or brush
  • To keep the rich wood tone, rub with any natural oil of your choice periodically