Acacia Lid 'Gallon' Jars
Acacia Lid 'Gallon' Jars
Acacia Lid 'Gallon' Jars
Acacia Lid 'Gallon' Jars
Acacia Lid 'Gallon' Jars

Acacia Lid 'Gallon' Jars

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Beautiful Storage Just Got Bigger 

These big beautiful borosilicate glass jars are spacious, durable and designed to store or display just about anything you like.

The striking acacia wood lids are precision-made and fitted with an inner silicone seal-ring to keep your jars (and what's inside) fresh, but still easily accessible.

  • 100% air-tight seal - silicone ring inlay inside every easy-open lid
  • Crystal-clear borosilicate glass - no lead or cadmium
  • Resistant to wide temperature ranges (-20°C to 200 °C / -4°F to 400°F) 
  • Spacious design for maxium storage and easy cleaning (sizes below)

These jars are made to be seen, that's a given...

But, they're not limited to just storing foods or liquids on your kitchen countertop or pantry shelf. Here are some other great ways you can use your Acacia lid gallon jars:

  • Canning & preserving foods
  • Organising laundry detergents and products
  • Storing cosmetics and toiletries
  • Displaying seasonal decor & candles
  • Jar terrariums & lanterns
  • Tidying and storing kids toys
  • Collecting craft supplies
  • ...1000's of other jar crafts!

What Makes Acacia Wood Special?

With colours ranging from a honey-gold all the way to chocolate-brown, even a single piece of acacia wood is filled with interesting striped patterns and different colour variations. 

Acacia wood is not just a 'pretty face'. Just like our entire collection of kitchenware, it is as versatile and practical as it is visually appealing. Similar in quality and characteristics to many tropical hardwoods, acacia wood does one better by also being far more sustainable to produce than most other hardwoods.

What Makes Borosilicate Glass So Special?

Borosilicate is the highest quality glass for kitchenware. It's entirely lead-free and cadmium-free, which makes it 100% guaranteed food-safe. 

It's also highly durable, crystal-clear and easy to care for. You can put borosilicate glass jars into your freezer, and from the freezer directly into boiling water, without any fear of the glass breaking or cracking.

What is borosilicate glass?

Easy to Clean

Maybe it goes without saying, but this glass is also safe for your dishwasher. The large opening lets you get your hand all the way to the bottom for easy cleaning and easy access! 


 large gallon glass jars with wood lid

US Sizes:

1200ml: 0.32 US gal. (1200ml)

2000ml: 0.52 US gal. (2000ml)

3000ml: 0.8 US gal. 


  • Glass jar: dishwasher & microwave safe
  • Acacia lid: for longevity, we recommend washing and drying by hand.
  • To keep acacia wood at its best, apply natural oil or wax every 12-18 months. 
  • We recommend rinsing by hand before first use.

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