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ModRise Black Walnut Monitor Stand

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  • Solid black walnut construction for life-long strength and durability. 
  • Supports 100kgs+/200lb+ of weight.
  • Detatched modular legs for height and width adjustment.
  • Ergonomic elevation to reduce neck-strain.
  • Timeless classic design.
  • Available in 4 sizes.


Modular adjustable wooden monitor stands

Take your workspace to the next level with our ModRise Black Walnut Monitor Stand. Featuring detached modular legs, our new black walnut monitor stand is available in 4 sizes and designed to provide the optimal ergonomic positon for any monitor to reduce neck strain.

Not only does it provide a functional and adjustable storage solution, the strong and timeless design make it a stylish centrepiece for your workspace.

Solid Walnut Desk Accessories - walnut wood monitor riser

Crafted From Solid Black Walnut Wood

Black walnut is reveered for its incredible strength and dark rich colouration. These entire monitor stands are crafted from solid black walnut with precision and care.

Apart from the obvious beauty of black walnut, its density and strength means that each monitor stand can support well above 100kg / 200lbs of weight giving you peace of mind and more versatility in how you can use them.  

modern walnut wood monitor stand with modular legs 

Modular Legs - Adjust Height & Width

The modular detached legs lets you elevate your monitor to two comfortable, neck-friendly heights, while also providing some extra shelf space ideal for organising your desk.

  • Modular legs - move them left-to-right to work around any obstructions or constraints on your desk, or to fit on a narrower surface.
  • You can also adjust the height of the stand by simply rotating the legs 90 degrees.
  • Space for cables to pass through the legs when in the upright position, or for some extra storage space. 

stylish solid walnut wood monitor risers

The ModRise is the perfect choice for a modern-day workspace, whether you're going for more of a classical clean look, or a rich biophilic natural one, this elegant versatile and robust piece will be a stylish and functional addition to your desk.

Solid black walnut wood monitor stands for home office


Small: 60 x 20 cm 

Medium: 80 x 20 cm

Large: 100 x 20 cm

Extra-Large: 120 x 20 cm

Height between desk surface and stand: adjustable to 8cm or 10cm.

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Package includes: one desktop monitor stand with two detached modular legs.

Modern wooden deck shelf monitor stand

Stylish wooden desk monitor stand