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Acacia Wood Coasters

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Beautifully Protecting Your Surfaces

    Sick of coffee rings and burns?
    Protect your surfaces from stains and heat damage with these hand-finished acacia wood coasters.
    Rest your cup on a beautiful, smooth slice of solid acacia wood as you sit back and enjoy your surroundings, knowing that they are protected from your beverages! 
    Each one is shaped from a single, solid piece of acacia wood.

    They are then sealed with natural linseed oil to ensure that they are 100% food-safe from the moment they arrive.

    Acacia is not just striking in appearance, it’s also one of the longest-lasting woods, with or without any treatment or finishes.
    With a strong, flexible and dense structure; acacia is well known for having the highest scratch and water resistance grade of all wood.
    acacia wood coasters set
    This means your coasters won't be damaged by porcelain cups or metal utensils. They also will not warp/stain when exposed to hot or cold liquids.

    Their simple, understated design paired with acacia’s natural beauty make these coasters highly versatile in where you can use them.
    Whether your taste is more... warm rustic farmhouse or cool modern-minimalist, these coasters are sure to complement any spread or surroundings.
    ‘’It’s The Little Accents That Make All The Difference’’
    • Heat, Scratch & Water Resistant
    • Natural Acacia Wood Finished with Linseed Oil
    • Dishwasher Safe (See Full Care Details Below)
    • Acacia Wood has Innate Long-Lasting Colour & Form Retention
    wooden coaster set


     Heat & Water Resistant

     Dishwasher Safe

     Anti-Scratch Surface

     Natural Oil Finish


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    round and square handmade blank wooden coasters
    • These Coasters Can Be Washed In The Dishwasher, Or By Hand

    • For Longevity, We Recommend Hand Washing and Drying When Possible

      • Use a Natural Oil To Seal The Surface and Retain Its Rich Colour

      • We Recommend Rinsing Before First Use


       Your new Acacia Wood Coasters are available in clusters of 2, 4 and 6.
      They can also be purchased individually, if that’s more your thing.