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Hidden Hardwood Desk Drawers

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Attachable and Removable Drawers, A Perfect Storage Solution.

  • Store pens, pencils & other smaller objects out of sight & in reach.
  • Also perfect for keeping your phone out of sight when you want to focus.
  • Removable to use again somewhere else. 

  • Works on horizontal and vertical surfaces. 

  • Available in Black Walnut or Beech. 

Made with care and attention to detail, these attachable drawers are a beautiful and efficient solution to a very common problem - clutter (no more) on your desk. 

Keep your home office or workspace organised and clutter-free with your unique hidden hardwood desk drawers. 

Hardwood Hidden Desk Organization Drawers 

They tuck away discreetly under your desk or shelf to provide you with stylish stationery storage at your fingertips, yet out of sight. 


Easy To Attach & Remove

Easily attach them to any flat surface, whether it's under your desk, a shelf or even on to a vertical surface. Simply remove them and use them somewhere else again, whenever you want.

Ideal for all manner of stationary, jewellery, cables, art supplies and even your phone. Keep smaller items from cluttering up your space and accessible right when you need them.

Beech Wood Removable Desk Drawers

Your drawers are available in beech or black walnut, and they easily stick beneath your desk so that they remain discreet and hidden from view to give your desk a clean, calming aesthetic. 

Change the way you work by removing the clutter. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.

Time to upgrade your desk setup. 



Walnut wood attachable hidden desk drawer sizes 

How to attach & remove: 

Attachable black walnut drawer sticks under your desk

1. Stick double-sided tape (for hanging photos on walls, etc) to each corner on top the of the drawer unit.

2. Press the drawer up against a clean and dry flat surface. Apply pressure for about 1 minute, this time will vary based on the tape manufacturer's instructions.

3. To remove, separate the tape from your drawer using a thin spatula-like object - a painter's tool, scraper, or even butter knife will work. As long as it's thin and rigid. 

4. Apply new tape on before sticking to a new surface.

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