A Solution For The Clutter On Your Surfaces

The best solution for clutter on your desk

It happens at work.. it happens at home, maybe when you're immersing yourself into a creative project, or even just carrying out your daily routines - there's nothing that can make you want to scream and give up more than a cluttered space or surface.

Now look, we all understand the importance of separating, prioritising and organising our tasks in order to actually do them, that's just how our brains work. We thrive on creating order out of disorder...but, why are we all-too-often so bad at it?

The truth: dealing with clutter seems boring... clutter is just things that we need at some point soon, but not right now.

But, clutter and untidiness is severely distracting and actually causes an underlying level of stress in humans, almost like our brains having too many browser tabs open at the same time, and we tend to crash - or shut down altogether!

For anyone who's in a work-from-home environment, it can be particularly difficult to separate your home and work life - let alone the clutter that blends in between these two worlds...

If you're anything like me, and you just tend to accumulate things - clutter - wherever you happen to exist for more than 5 minutes, then you will be delighted to hear that there is a clever solution to help us keep those crowded surfaces clear and tidy, be it at home, at work, or both!

What's the best thing to minimise clutter? The humble drawer, but what if the desk, vanity table or countertop doesn't have enough drawers, or any at all?

Now, we've all seen a drawer before, but you almost definitely have not seen ones like these...

Wondrwood Modular Desktop Storage Drawers

Very often, organisational products for your desk can be bland and lack the build-quality that you'd expect of something you actually want to use everyday. 

What's more, is that good storage drawers are usually stuck in one place - which, as we all know, clutter does not like to stay in.

Wondrwood's new modular desktop storage drawers aim to solve these two problems.

A modern and comfortable work from home setup

They are built like full-sized dressers, but are miniaturised to 14 Inches / 36cm wide, making them portable and the ideal size to fit on any desk, vanity unit or countertop.

There are currently two kinds of hardwood storage drawers available; the first is a 3-drawer unit, made from black walnut (pictured below):

Desktop 3-Drawer Chest

...And the second type, (which we are extra-excited about) is an individual drawer unit, that is available in both beech and black walnut (pictured below):

Individual Desktop Modular Drawers

Mini Modular Desktop Drawers

Aside from the build-quality and materials, what really makes these desktop drawers stand out is that they function as standalone storage drawers; as laptop risers; and they can be combined or stacked together to make a modular, portable, multi-levelled chest of drawers.


Modular Organisational Drawers For Your Desk


In fact, both types of desktop drawers released (the 3 drawer chest and the individual modular drawers) can be stacked on top of one-another.

Of course, they're not only made for your desk or home-office setup.

You can use them anywhere that you need some extra storage, organisation, and elevation (perhaps as a plant stand).

Other uses for these drawers include:

  • Laptop stand / riser, plant stand, or lamp stand.
  • Storing jewellery, personal grooming items or makeup.
  • Keeping your keys, wallet and other daily-used items organised and out of sight in the hallway.
  • In the bedroom on your nightstand - for the things you need first and last each day.
  • In the living room - for arts and crafts supplies.
  • On the kitchen countertop - for storing cutlery, food, teas, coffees, spices & more.


Desktop Organisational Chest In Black Walnut


Their full-sized build quality ensures that they are built to last and work with almost any kind of room decor, adding that little extra bit of character and a lot of extra storage space.

''We wanted this project to be something smart and functional with a little bit of fun mixed-in...Something that will fit-in both a home or work environment, but at the same time stands-out from a design perspective... All the while, almost secretly providing its core function - organising life's clutter.''


Single Small Storage Drawer For Your Desk

These drawers are now available in Wondrwood's home storage collection and can be purchased individually or in multiple sets to suit your particular needs. To learn more, see the product pages, if you have any questions you can always contact us here.


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