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the meaning of table setting

''Gather Around, feast and be merry''

Setting a table is like cooking... Usually, it's something that we do as an everyday task, but occasionally, it is much, much more than that. 

A table-setting, if done correctly, can be an entire main event; shaping the atmosphere, experience and memories taken away from your gathering of friends and family.

So read on to get all the tips, tools, and inspiration that you need to make stellar tablescapes!  

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seasonal table-styling

1: 'Shop' around Your home

While it's always exciting buying
new things for your tabletop
it's also good to have a quick look around with a fresh eye to see what you already have to put to use. 

You never know, maybe some unused candlesticks or faux leaf garlands are hiding - just out of sight, in one of your cupboards!

seasonal table-styling

2: Use Natural touches

Whether it's for detailing, choosing the main feature-pieces, or placing the underlying surfaces - using natural materials when table setting will give your entire home an authentic seasonal feel. 

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Seasonal Table-Styling

3: Use Something Unexpected

We just can't seem to get enough of autumn. Part of this is because nature is full of character, colour and charm at this time of year. 

Adding something a little different or unique to your spread, such as a plaid tartan blanket, or even a book with a vintage cover will reflect autumn's natural cosy character.

This will make for a much less formal, more welcoming ambience around your table. 

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seasonal table-styling

4: Mix Patterns & Textures

When you are keeping within a colour scheme, you can definitely combine different patterns to create an attractive spectacle. But...

...if you're going for a variety of colours (such a fruit, nut and leaves basket), try to stick to one pattern.

Or, at the very least, patterns that are very similar to one-another, so as not to create too much visual clutter. 

Using different textures will give your whole spread a lot of depth. Just be mindful, so that you don't over-do it if you don't want to take away from other elements.  

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Seasonal Table-styling

5: master the art of hygge

If you have absolutely no idea what hygge is, don't worry... In many ways, hygge shares a lot of characteristics with Feng Shui and ASMR. 

Step up your game...

Now that you have some (hopefully) new tips for seasonal table stying, read on to discover 14 awesome centrepiece ideas and take your tablescapes to the next seasonal-level!

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14 autumn Centrepiece ideas

You can scroll through the slideshow below and expand the tabs to view more details for each centrepiece.

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