reusable wooden cutlery set
Reusable wooden cutlery
Eco-friendly cutlery - reusable wood cutlery
acacia wood cutlery set - wooden forks, knives and spoons
sustainable cutlery set for lunches
reusable wood cutlery

Acacia Reusable Cutlery Set

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Eat With Nature At Your Fingertips

This beautifully crafted wooden cutlery set includes a fully functional and reusable fork, knife and spoon.

Made from solid acacia - a hardwood famous for its durable, antibacterial and visually-striking qualities.  

  • 100% natural acacia wood & oil finish
  • Reusable for 10,000+ meals
  • Dishwasher-safe (hand-washing is best)
  • Microwave-safe
  • Child-friendly
reusable acacia wood cutlery set
Reusable for your lifetime, biodegradable for the next.

Of course, if you take good care of your cutlery set they can last many generations, but when your acacia cutlery are no longer needed, they can be disposed of in your organic compost!

Acacia - the Wonder Wood...

Acacia is perfectly suited for all kinds of kitchenware and eatware, it's actually one of the most durable and long-lasting species of wood, in the same class as many species of tropical hardwood.

Here's the thing: acacia is also far more sustainable to grow and produce than tropical hardwoods, as it grows much faster, and in a wide range of climates around the world.

eco-friendly reusable cutlery

Your wooden cutlery set will keep their watertight and anti-bacterial properties for countless meals and years to come when cared for, as detailed below.

Acacia Wood Quick-Facts:
  • Will not warp
  • Lightweight, flexible & durable
  • Easy to wash & quick-dry 
  • Never worry about rust or corrosion


Wooden fork, knife and spoon set


  • This cutlery is dishwasher & microwave safe.
  • For longevity, we recommend washing and drying by hand.
  • To keep them vibrant and shiny, apply any natural oil every 6-12 months. 
  • We recommend rinsing by hand before first use. 

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wooden reusable cutlery for packed lunches
Is wooden cutlery food-safe?

Yes, as long it the wood was sealed using a natural oil (or no sealant at all) and is washed and dried regularly, wooden cutlery is a great food-safe and Eco-friendly replacement for metal or plastic cutlery.

What about bacteria?

Acacia wood has naturally occurring anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil which remain in the wood long after it is harvested. This means that bacteria and other microbes cannot penetrate the wood itself.

As long as you wash and dry your cutlery after use (as with all cutlery), they will not harbour any harmful bacteria or microbes.