Glass & Acacia Food-Storage Bowls
Glass & Acacia Food-Storage Bowls
Glass & Acacia Food-Storage Bowls
Glass & Acacia Food-Storage Bowls
Glass & Acacia Food-Storage Bowls
Glass & Acacia Food-Storage Bowls
Glass & Acacia Food-Storage Bowls

Glass & Acacia Food-Storage Bowls

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Beautifully Versatile Storage For Food & More.

  • 100% lead-free & cadmium-free borosilicate glass.
  • 100% natural acacia wood lid.
  • Freezer-proof & boil-proof materials.
  • Double-decker storage for more versatility.
  • Anti-slip or tip design.
Have you been looking for a little more beauty and versatility for your kitchen storage collection? 
These stylish glass & acacia wood storage bowls are a unique and handy way to keep foods, daily-necessities and more fresh, accessible and aesthetically organised.

Double-Decker Design

The specially designed lid means that you can even store and stack items and foods on the acacia lid, as well as inside the glass container. 

Keep your foods fresh, protected and free from flies, odours and particles - while being able to see and easily access them whenever you need.

Beautiful Practicality

While storage for your kitchen is first and foremost about practicality and versatility, the beauty of these storage bowls certainly can't be overlooked. The anti-tip or slip shape also lends itself to the very pleasing aesthetic of this design. 

What's more, is you can very easily stack items on top of these storage bowls, and visa-versa. You can also stack two or more of these bowls together.

Acacia, The Wonder Wood

The famous acacia wood is very popular for good reason. With beautiful markings and colouration, it is also one of the most durable and long-lasting woods.

Even before acacia is sealed with any oil, it's one of the most water-resistant, anti-bacterial and scratch-proof species of wood.

Acacia is actually in the same class as many species of tropical hardwoods - but, it is far more sustainable to grow and produce. This is because acacia is fast-growing, widespread and happily grows in all types of climates.

Borosilicate, The Wonder Glass

Borosilicate glass is the highest quality of glass for kitchenware. It's entirely lead-free and cadmium-free, which makes it 100% guaranteed food-safe. 

It's also highly durable, crystal-clear and easy to care for. You can put borosilicate glass containers into your freezer, and from the freezer directly into boiling water, without any fear of the glass breaking or cracking.

Borosilicate glass can also go in your dishwasher at any temperature without any issues.


The use-cases for these types of containers are almost endless, but here are a few examples of some of our favourite ideas:

  • Storing and protecting fruit, nuts & other edible goods.
  • Serving snacks, tapas and finger food when hosting guests.
  • Cheese storage & serving - store in the glass bowl, serve on the acacia lid.
  • Food-photography props.
  • Cake & muffin stand.
  • Potpourri & centrepieces.
  • Storing & standing candles in/on.
  • Keeping keys, sunglasses & other daily-necessities organised and accessible.


    • Double-layered storage - store things on top and inside.
    • Anti-slip or tip design - won't slip or get knocked over.
    • Reinforced borosilicate glass.
    • Durable premium-grade acacia wood.
    • Classy & functional design.
    • Easy to clean & care for.
    • 100% food-Safe.
    • Eco-friendly, life-long materials.
    • Stackable.

      Specs & Dimensions:

      Base diameter: 23cm / 9.1 Inches

      Top diameter: 21.5cm 8.5 Inches

      Height (Including Lid): 8cm / 3.1 Inches

      Capacity/volume: 2350ml /  2.3 L / 80 oz

      Weight: 890g / 1.9 lb


      • Glass base - dishwasher & microwave safe
      • Acacia lid - for longevity, we recommend washing and drying by hand.
      • To keep acacia wood at its best, apply natural oil or wax every 12-18 months. 
      • We recommend rinsing by hand before first use.


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