8 Fast & Easy Ways To Transform Your Home Interior

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How to decorate your home interior for a new year

Doing some redecorating in your home can seem like a daunting, expensive and time-consuming thing to bring on yourself...

Not to mention, you don’t want to be living in what feels like the set of a home remodelling show for days or even weeks on end. You want a change, and you want it to be swift, affordable and painless - and this guide is going to show you how to do just that. 

DIY home-styling tips - easy, fast and affordable ways to re-decorate your home

A Cautionary Tale

For some people, DIY home renovation is no joke. Sometimes what started out as a ‘quick redecorating’ can very quickly become an entire interior remodelling lasting weeks and costing much more than planned.

But, there is a better way to do things - if you’re not looking for a full-out renovation overhaul - and you want to make impactful changes inside your home without investing much time, effort or money.

When you want to make a change in your home interior, it’s important to consider two things, or pillars:
  1. You only need to change/optimise a few key elements in your home, and -
  2. Altering the way that you interact with your home and the things inside of it is almost as important.
The steps below contain examples for both pillars mentioned above. Of course this is not an exhaustative list, but it should inspire the right kind of ideas for you, which you can then craft and curate inside of your home!

Rearranging your furniture to avoid renovations

1 - Rearrange Your Furniture 

Re-arranging the furniture that you already have is probably one of the easiest and definitely one of the most affordable (it’s free!) ways to restyle your home and change how you interact with it.

If you want to embrace the cosy winter feeling, you can arrange living spaces and especially seating areas so they are facing one another - think: gathering around a fire. 

For those who want to prepare for welcoming in the spring or summer, you can think about experimenting with new furniture layouts. You can use your existing furniture, just rearrange a few things here and there, and your room or even home can feel like an entirely new place.

In general, you want to place or face more of the furniture towards the windows for spring and summer. Create more open spaces and remove the 'clutter' that might have served as seasonal decor a month or more ago. An easy example is to put a small table and armchair over by the window to sit and read in the natural daylight as the days get longer and brighter.

For more on how to get the most out of your furniture arrangement, check out our Zen home styling guide.

partial painting a wall with white and pink spikes or zig-zag

2 - Paint a Wall, Object or Room

Painting is a super easy and affordable way to give a facelift to an entire room. Adding some new colour to a space can bring a huge lift of energy and change how you actually feel while in there.

A new splash of paint can also be a welcome refreshment to the eyes in the coming year.

With paint, a little goes a long way - both in terms of the amount of paint needed for an area, and the time you spend preparing and painting. This makes it a great way to achieve something productive for a couple of hours in a day. 

If you just want to paint part of a room, there are some great ideas for partial wall painting that you'll love below. You can also paint a piece of furniture, such as maybe the top of a wooden console, or even the entire thing. Just make sure that you really do like a colour... before you end up painting an entire sideboard bright orange.

Partially painted wall black and white
Painting a wall two different colours

3 - Re-awaken Your Frostbitten Green Fingers

There are so many routes that you can go with this one, it all depends on what kind of planted area you want. There might also be some limitations that you have to consider, for example, space.

If space is a factor for you, there are lots of options for mini or micro gardens in various shapes and sizes. Here are the most popular and easiest ways you can create a mini garden with limited space: 

If space is not an issue and you have a large garden area outdoors, now is the perfect time to start clearing out any overgrown patches and reshaping any parts of the garden that you want to change before the new growth of spring begins.

A lot of the shaping and foundation of a garden can be done before the spring arrives, and you’ll have a giant head-start on getting your garden to exactly where you want it for summer.

planting and growing a mini garden at home

4 - Make a Seasonal Centrepiece

A perfect weekend activity, if you’re feeling a little creative, is to make a centrepiece or display piece to match the season. Don't worry, this doesn’t have to be too extravagant or elaborate. Below are some ideas for winter and spring. You can also find more seasonal centrepiece ideas for autumn/winter in another guide of ours. 

For winter-lusters:

Create a cosy basket display that will make the room feel warmer...

How? Pick a basket that you like, a woven one looks great, and load it with dry wood logs and a comfy blanket to display near the fire or by the doorway. 

You also can add details to side tables, windowsills and other areas that will serve as warm reminders of the season at different points throughout your home.

At this time of year, it’s natural for us to want to store and graze on lots of rich foods, so adding some bowls of walnuts, chestnuts or almonds can be a great touch for topping off your seasonal scene. 

Spring decor: making a wildflower centrepiece

For spring-chasers:

Make a wildflower centrepiece for your kitchen worktop or dining table.

While you're on your next walk, try and pick the next sunny day (hopefully, for you it’s soon!) and collect some wildflowers that you see growing along the way.

This can be a very cathartic experience in itself, and then you have a beautiful centrepiece to easily make back at home too!

Nice rug in a boho room

5 - Change Something Small But ‘Big’

Most of us have just come out the other side of the most expensive time of year, so saving a little budget on home styling is always welcome for the new year. 

Having said that, it’s natural to want to make some changes in your living space as we begin a new year and particularly if you want to embrace an early spring mindset. 

So, a great way of sprucing up your interior without hurting the post-holiday budget is by changing a small but impactful element in your room.

If you switch out something like the curtains or the rug, it will instantly make the room feel like it has a new lease of life - and this only requires one new item to make all that difference - now that’s efficient. ;) 

very organised pantry kitchen shelving unit

6 - Reorganise That Corner in Your Home...

… You know the one! Everyone has a part in their home that could do with a revamp in terms of organisation, and probably some things that could be ‘cleansed’.

Just as with your garden, getting an early start on your spring-cleaning inside of your home can make the world of difference to how your year begins and ultimately, continues.

Again, this is the perfect time of year - because, well, when else are you going to do it? 

If your kitchen or pantry is on the list of areas you'd like to reorganise, definitely check out our collection of wood or cork-topped storage jars, and other wooden home storage pieces after you read this

41 creative craft ideas and uses for glass jars 

7 - Get Crafty with Glass Jars

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of amazing things that you can do with all kinds of glass jars, including, of course, our own glass display jars.

For those reading that might have some reusable glass jars stashed away, you can check out our post of 41 Ways to (Re)Use Your Jars at Home for some creative ideas to put them to use, rather than simply recycling them at your local bottle bank. 

Making a DIY mini indoor herb garden at home

8 - Make a Mini Herb Garden [Indoors] 

Mini herb gardens are such a great thing, for several reasons:

1: They’re fun, easy and low-cost to make at home.

2: The obvious reason: it's free, freshly grown, organic herbs year-round at arms reach from your food-prep area.

3: You can use the various herbs that you grow to inspire new recipes and dishes that you might not otherwise discover.

4: It’s a fulfilling and relaxing hobby to tend to your little herb garden and watch it grow and thrive, a great help for de-stressing.

5: Many herbs, such as basil and rosemary are known to act as a repellant for flying household pests that might come by your window and now will think twice about coming inside. 

Soon we'll add a new guide on how to make your very own mini indoor herb garden, but for now, there are plenty of great guides out there, including this one.

seasonal dessert - waffles with honey, fig and chocolate wands

Bonus - Prepare & Eat Some Seasonal Food

Whether or not you make a mini herb garden is not needed for this one, but it is a nice Segway into our bonus step to styling your home for a new year...

All of us have a very strong natural connection with food (seems obvious enough why), so the kinds of foods we prepare and eat help communicate to our bodies and minds which season, climate, and time of day we are in.

With that in mind, making a seasonal recipe (be it winter or spring) is a perfect way to embrace the season and give you that winter or spring feeling.

For winter-lusters, there are so many recipes for both sweet and savoury foods that pair perfectly with the cosy, warm, calorie-rich vibes of winter! And for spring-chasers, there are still plenty of seasonal things that can be prepared. Here are some great savoury and sweet springtime recipes that we can recommend. 

Styling and decorating your home for a new year - how to guide

All-In-All: [Final Tips] 

You see! You don't need to invest a whole load of time, money or resources to make a dramatic transformation in your home, at any time of year. All it takes is applying a fresh perspective on what's already there, and maybe a little finessing here and there, to get your home feeling rejuvenated without the need for renovating or remodelling! 

General Tips:

  • Winter: If you want to keep a cosy winter haven, keep smaller lighting and candles dotted around your home, use warm rich colours such as reds, blues and greens, add plenty of blankets and scents, use small details on side tables and surfaces - eg: nuts and candles. Make rich indulgent desserts, cakes and hearty meals.
  • Spring: To begin the transition of your home into a new springtime, remove any decorations and smaller lights that were out for the holidays, clear surfaces and spaces to have a clean and decluttered sensation throughout. Tie the curtains back during the day, or consider switching to lighter curtains. If you still require more artificial light, use larger lamps with daylight or cooler light temperatures. Make seasonal crafts and embrace your green finger.



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