Fig Tree Juice Cups
Fig Tree Juice Cups
Fig Tree Juice Cups
Fig Tree Juice Cups

Fig Tree Juice Cups

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Take Your Breakfast to a Land of Luxurious Simplicity

Fashioned and finished to perfection from a single piece of fig tree and natural oils, they feel smooth on your lips and fit perfectly in your hand.

These dainty little juice cups are ideal for enjoying the perfect amount of orange juice to accompany your morning coffee and take you to a faraway land of natural comfort.

They can also be used as charming vessel for salt and pepper on your kitchen table, or herbs and spices that you use regularly in your signature dishes. 

Their shape is not just designed to be easy on the eye, a wider bottom and a flattened non-tip underside makes for a comfortable grip and a steady balance on your tabletop.

As wood is a superb natural insulator, these cups will keep your juice fresh and your tea sultry... so all you have to do is revel in enjoying your continental style breakfast. 


  • 100% Natural and Sustainably Sourced Fig Wood and Oils.
  • Ergonomic Shape and Non-Tip Base.
  • Unique Patterns and Tones In Every Individual Cup. 
  • Sustainable Alternative to Plastic, Porcelain or Metal Cups & Glasses.
  • Size: 8 x 6.5 Cm / 3.1 x 2.4 Inch (Approx. 180ml / 6 Fluid Oz). 


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 Food & Drink Safety Certified

 Dishwasher Safe

 Child Friendly 

 Available in Sets



  • These cups are dishwasher and microwave safe, for longevity we recommend hand washing and drying where possible.
  • For best results, rub periodically with any natural oil of your choice.
  • We recommend rinsing before first use.